Engine Room Simulators, GMDSS and Ship Handling Simulators

Engine Room Simulators | GMDSS & Ship Handling Simulators

We offer a range of simulators for engine room training, ship-handling and GMDSS. Some engine room simulators can be shipped in desktop or standalone consoles, up to a complete full mission installations. The navigation simulators include steering or boat-handling stands. All simulators provide instructor software.  Contact us for advice on PC Maritime simulators.

Choice matrix of engine room simulators

Low Speed Engine Room Simulators

Virtual Engine Room Simulator (VER4.5 & VER5 EC)Virtual Engine Room Simulator (VER6, ERC6, ERC6XL)

Virtual Engine Room (VER 6) is a slow-speed simulator which models a conventional low speed diesel engine and an electronically-controlled version of the same engine. It can be supplied as software only, in a desktop console or in a full size console. More Information..

W-Xpert Low Speed Electronically-controlled Engine Room Simulator

W-Xpert models typical medium-sized, computer-controlled engine
rooms consisting of a two-stroke electronically controlled main engine
with fixed & controllable pitch propeller and three diesel generators.
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Low Speed 3D Engine Room Simulator (LER3D)Low Speed Engine Room Simulator (LER3D)

LER3D simulates a typical low-speed engine comprising a two-stroke main engine with fixed pitch propeller. It can be supplied as software only or in a desktop console. 
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Medium Speed Engine Room Simulators

Medium Speed simulators MER3D & MED3D

Medium Speed Engine Room simulates two Sulzer diesels powering one controllable pitch propeller, or one MaK engine powering one CPP. It can be supplied as software only or in a desktop console.
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PSV-3DPlatform Supply Vessel Engine Room Simulator

PSV-3D models typical PSV engine rooms comprising four medium-speed main engines with reduction gears and controllable pitch propellers.  Supplied as software only. More Information.

Other engine simulators


Diesel Electric 3D Simulator (DE3D)

DE3D simulates a typical diesel electric Platform Supply Vessel engine room with four diesel generators, two main azimuth thrusters, one retractable thruster and one bow thruster.  It can be used to train both merchant navy and military crew
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Turbo Diesel Simulator (TD4)

Turbo Diesel Simulator (TD5)

Turbo Diesel (TD5) is a management level simulator which makes the user responsible for the operation and maintenance of a marine diesel engine. Supplied as software only. More Information..

Engine Room Computer Based Training Software

Engine Room CBT extensively covers the subject of marine power plant equipment with a combination of 2D and 3D simulators. It contains 36 individual training modules and is unique in the market. More Information..

Engine Room CBT9

Gas Turbine Simulator (GTS)Gas Turbine Simulator (GTS)

Gas Turbine Simulator (GTS) simulates a naval type of engine room powered by a two-shaft gas turbine.  Supplied as software only.
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Steam Engine Room Simulator LNG (SER2)

Steam Engine Room (SER2) simulates typical steam turbine operations with all auxiliary systems.
Supplied as software only.  More Information..


Full Mission Engine Room SimulatorsFull Mission Engine Room Simulators

Full Mission Simulators consist of the complete installation of full size switchboard panels, control room consoles, sound system, communication system, PCs and networking, with locally delivered operator training. More Information..


GMDSS & Ship Handling Simulators

GMDSS Simulator

This Simulator is a complete training system for the GMDSS General Operators Certificate and Restricted Operators Certificate for mariners working in Sea Areas A1-A4. More Information..

 GMDSS Simulator

Steering Simulator for helmsman SSH-2009Steering Simulator for helmsman SSH

SSH steering simulator is designed to conform to Section A-II/4 of STCW Code for the training of ratings forming part of a navigational watch on sea-going and river vessels. More Information..


Small Craft Simulator SCS

Small Craft Simulator SCS trains navigators on a variety of small craft in open sea areas and inland waterways, including Coast Guard personnel and Marine Patrol Inspectors. More Information..


Survival Craft Simulator SRV-2010

Survival Craft Simulator SRV

Survival Craft Simulator trains seafarers designated to take charge of survival craft and rescue boats in accordance with STCW. More Information..


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