ECDIS Training Generic and Type specific

All bridge officers on vessels which have ECDIS as the primary means of navigation are required to complete two types of ECDIS training:

      Generic ECDIS Training
      Type-specific ECDIS Training  (also known as ECDIS Familiarisation Training)

      Generic ECDIS training is based on IMO Model Course 1.27 and approved by the relevant Maritime Administration.  The required course length is 40 hours and is delivered by colleges, training centres or mobile training company.

      Type-specific ECDIS training is given by the ECDIS manufacturer or his authorized representative.  Also known as ECDIS Familiarisation, the regulatory requirements are covered by the ISM Code (including sections 6.3 & 6.5) and the STCW Convention Regulation I/14, which require a company to establish procedures to ensure that new personnel and personnel transferred to new assignments related to safety and protection of the environment are given proper familiarisation with their duties.

We can assist shipowners with these training obligations by offering: 

Type specific ECDIS training in Navmaster

We offer a simple and cost-effective DVD course which can be used onboard by any number of officers and provides formal assessment and certification. More information...

Generic and Navmaster Type-specific Training Combined

In colleges in UK and abroad you can find a combined course which delivers both types of ECDIS training.  Please visit the links left under Partnerships.

ECDIS training network

For colleges already equipped with a desktop or full mission bridge simulator,  we offer a networkable ECDIS system which interfaces to any bridge simulator via standard NMEA connection to deliver the practical elements of IMO Model Course 1.27.  More information…

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