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Navmaster Office

"It's reliable, simple and logical to use and has handsomely repaid the investment made."
Capt Peter Gill, Development Officer, Shell International Shipping & Trading Co Ltd

Navmaster Office is a chart management tool designed to assist managers in situations where traditionally paper charts would be used. It has varied applications such as emergency response planning, incident management, post-incident analysis, route risk assessment, route planning, port assessment, feasibility studies, moorings management and more. It can be installed on a laptop, desktop or network.

Vessel aerial view and plotted on Navmaster chartBenefits for emergency response


In dealing with an incident at sea, almost the first support document needed by the response team is a navigational chart of the area. From a lat/long input Navmaster Office will bring up the right chart in less than one minute. Tidal stream overlays can assist the risk assessment process and help determine the right course of action.

Navmaster can store and export data, such as the ETA of the nearest rescue vessel, which can then be transmitted to all relevant parties. Images can be stored to aid analysis and assessment.

Vessel position in Holyhead BayDuring post-incident investigation, Navmaster can replicate incident position and attendant factors, provide colour chart print-outs for briefings and reports for high-class presentation.





Benefits for route risk assessment & planning

Tidal overlay in NavmasterFor tasks such as project assessment, managers can carry out detailed appraisals of potential development sites from their desk. With better initial preparation, subsequent site visits become more cost-effective.

Electronic charts used by Navmaster Office:

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