ECS Electronic Chart System - Navmaster ECS

Improving safety and efficiency 

Navmaster ECS is an electronic chart system closely based on the type-approved Navmaster ECDIS software. It provides navigators with the full range of ECDIS navigation tools without the expense of type-approved components. It is simple to use within a familiar MS Windows environment. 

Navmaster ECS will run on standard PCs interfaced to onboard instruments, and on networks.

Key benefits

TotalTide in Navmaster

Navmaster ECS with integrated Admiralty TotalTide

Main functions

Navmaster ECS

Navmaster ECS linked to bridge wing monitors. When manoeuvring from one wing, cameras can display the stern view from the opposite side of the ship.

Navmaster ECS
The plan report incorporates the navigator's notes and can be customised with company name and logo

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